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News Update

Hi everyone. We've taken over OxilixO TE and decided to run HitsBooom TE V1 from this domain. If you were a member of OxilixO TE, you'll need to sign up again here, since we won't be merging the database.

Welcome to version 1. It works really well. That's why we decided to keep v1 going. However, feel free to visit our latest version 4 (v4) - just visit your downline page in your members area.


OxilixO.net TE Details

FREE Traffic Exchange

2000 signup auto bonus credits

250 signup manual bonus credits

12 second timer

Click to Win 5 auto bonus credits after 3 sites viewed

Min rate 2:1 (0.5) surfing!

Max rate 3:5 (0.6) surfing!

Monthly auto credit bonus 500!!

Monthly manual credit bonus 100!!

Plus other features to boost hits/traffic to your sites

Why pay when it is FREE...

Enjoy... !

Don't want to surf?

Get 3000 Auto Credits for just $3 USD.

We now accept Bitcoin!




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